Providing expert appraisal of your valuables

Our professional appraisals are of great benefit if you have any question or doubt about the value of your items. We specialize in, and are especially helpful in estate settlements. Our priority is to be of assistance, not necessarily to profit from our appraisal services.

We often won’t charge for our valuation if our time is minimal!
A fee reasonable to both parties may be requested if there is no interest in selling, or for large or time-consuming lots. Appraisal fees can be refunded if we end up purchasing the lot.

We can determine whether coins would benefit from certification or not. Certainly, you should find out what they’re worth before wasting any money on submission fees! We can assist with grading and certification submission of numismatic items, if deemed prudent.

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David Day, owner/operator

Unless requested for insurable replacement value, we strive to appraise items at their most realistic cash-liquid value. Please BE CAUTIONED of high-retail appraisals, or appraisal services that require expensive fees for their so-called “expertise” especially for jewelry! We apologize in advance if we become the bearer of bad news for any counterfeit, fake, or over-priced items you may have purchased elsewhere – or for pie-in-the-sky appraisals you may have received elsewhere.

Most appraisal services will not offer to purchase items, but we put our money where our mouth is!  Unless requested otherwise, our appraisals will reflect our offer to purchase your items. If you decline our offer, or we are not otherwise able to help you, we may still suggest the best way to go about liquidation of your items to get you the most money, and suggest what to price them at.  Typically our purchase offer is plenty fair to save you the work of liquidating your items otherwise.

In the case of estate appraisals, where family members may want to divide the estate rather than selling, we still highly suggest our assistance before proceeding. In most cases you will be required to determine value of the estate, and we assure you our particular service may spare you any further heartache or financial loss.  I have personally assisted with settling many estates, and find I can be of most assistance in this often difficult situation.