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Collectible and rare coins are priced individually according to condition and scarcity.
Bulk coins will fluctuate with the market and volume discounts.
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Collector Coins

Misc. Interests

Ancient Coins, Colonial Issues, Civil-War Tokens, World Coins, Montana Trade Tokens, Medals & Medallions, Commemmoratives, Proof & Mint Sets, Silver Proof Sets

Type Coins

3-Cent Silver Coin Half Cent

Half Cents, Large Cents, Two-Cent Pieces, Three-Cent Pieces, Half-Dimes, Twenty-Cent Pieces

Large Cents

Large Cent

Flowing Hair, Liberty Cap, Draped Bust, Classic Head, Liberty Head

Small Cents

Flying Eagle Cent Indian Head Cent

Flying Eagle, Indian Head, Lincoln Wheatback, Lincoln Memorial

Nickel 5-Cent Pieces

Liberty Head Nickel Buffalo Nickel

Shield Nickels, Liberty (V-Nickels), Buffalo / Indian Head Nickels, Jefferson Wartime Silver Alloy


Seated Liberty Dime Barber Dime

Draped Bust, Capped Bust, Seated Liberty, Barber or Liberty Head, Mercury or Winged Liberty Head, Roosevelt

Quarter Dollars

Seated Liberty Quarter Standing Liberty Quarter

Draped Bust, Capped Bust, Seated Liberty, Barber, Standing Liberty, Washington

Half Dollars

Bust Half Dollar Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Flowing Hair, Draped Bust, Capped Bust, Liberty Seated, Barber, Walking Liberty, Franklin, Kennedy

Silver Dollars

Morgan Dollar Peace Dollar

Flowing Hair, Draped Bust, Liberty Seated, Trade Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars

Bulk Coins

Silver Dollars

Bulk Morgan Dollars

1878-1904 Morgan Dollars
AG : $17-$18
G : $18-$22
F/VF : $22-$26
XF : $25-$30
AU : $30-$35

1921 Morgan Dollars
F/VF : $18-$25
XF/AU : $22-$28
1922-1935 Peace Dollars
VF/XF : $16-$20
AU/BU : $18-$28

Pre-1965 90% “Junk” Silver

Bulk 90% Silver Dimes half bag 90% silver

Roosevelt Dimes
Mercury Dimes
11.50 to 15 X face ($1.15 to $1.5 each)
Washington Quarters
11.50 to 15 X face ($2.875 to $3.75 each)
Kennedy Half-Dollars
Franklin Half-Dollars
Walking Liberty Half-Dollars
11.75 to 16 X face ($5.875 to $8 each)

Canadian Bulk Silver Coin

Canadian Silver Dollars
Canadian 80% Silver Coins
Canadian 50% Silver Coins
Call for pricing

Bulk Nickels

Buffalo Nickels, full/partial date
Buffalo Nickels, no date
War Nickels
Shield Nickels
Call for pricing

Bulk Cents

Indian Head Pennies
1910’s Wheat Cents
1920’s Wheat Cents
1930’s Wheat Cents
1940’s & 50’s Wheat Cents
1943 Steel Wheat Cents
Call for pricing