Selling gold and silver? No matter the market, we are always buying!!

We strive to become the most competitive and top buyer of gold, silver & coins in Montana. Whether it’s a single gold ring, or an entire estate, we’ll be glad to help you get the most out of your valuables. If you receive a better offer elsewhere, please let us know. A competitive market is to your advantage.

We buy almost any form of gold or silver, as well as coins, currency & collectibles. See below for a detailed list of what we buy.

For quotes or any questions about the selling process please call.

(406) 969-3005

David Day, owner/operator

Price Quotes

– We can quote some products over the phone, however most items need to be appraised in person.
– All quotes are estimations only and are contingent upon examination in person.
– Price is effective at time of transaction and may vary according to market fluctuation, product condition, supply or demand.
– Pictures via text or email, or inventory lists, are welcome but may or may not be helpful.

Selling Terms

– Please call for appointments.
– Valid government-issued identification is required for all purchases from the public.
– By selling to Montana Bullion & Coin you are declaring that you are the authorized owner or representative of estate.
– Security and anonymity is of our utmost priority for our clients.
– Your information is never shared without consent, with the sole exception of a warrant served by local law enforcement.
– If items are determined to be stolen or misrepresented, we will assist law enforcement.

Items we Buy

— If you’re not sure, please ask!! —

  • – Gold & Silver Bullion & Coins
  • – 90% “Junk” Silver Coin
  • – Coins of any collector or numismatic value:
    [silver dollars, proof-sets, type coins, ancients, trade tokens, medals, wheat cents, war nickels, etc.]
  • – Scrap Gold and Jewelry
  • – Platinum & Palladium bullion or scrap
  • – Diamonds of decent size & clarity
  • – Dental Gold crowns, caps, & bridges
  • – Placer Gold & Nuggets
  • – Scrap Silver, Sterling & Silverware
  • – Paper Currency, Antique Script & Ephemera.
  • – Un-cancelled Postage Stamps
  • – Certain Collectibles & Antiques – please ask!

Items we Do Not Buy

  • – Gold-Plate or “Gold-Filled” Jewelry
  • – Silver-Plate
  • – Counterfeit, fake, altered or deceitful replica coins
  • – Cancelled Postage Stamps (with very few exceptions)
  • – Most blobs of melted metal – please see us before you melt any gold or silver!!
  • – Rocks & raw ore (some exceptions made for great specimen and eye-appeal)
  • – Placer gold dust containing liquid, or too much black sand and impurities
  • – High-issue (not rare) modern coins may be included in purchase at face-value.
  • – Foreign “pocket-change” may be purchased by weight.
  • – We reserve right to refuse purchase for any reason.